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Chip & Chop presented by MAGIC

In this first-person PC game, you play as a relief worker who has been sent out on an assignment. Forrest, the Mayor of Beaver City hires you to help maintain the town by fixing powerlines, cutting down trees and capturing troublesome squirrels. Explore the city, meet the citizens, play some minigames,  and have fun saving the town!


Producer: Alexander Alvarez
Programming Lead: Yelena Lavitskas
Programming Team: Marcello Arocha, Andrew Churchill, Andy Lainez,                 Waldo Rivera, Nicholas Ruiz
Modeling Lead: Christian Visso
Modeling Team: Valentina Alonso Gazabon, Frank Martinez, Carlos Paez,       Jennifer Ruano
Texturing Lead: Christian Visso
Texture Artists: Valentina Alonso Gazabon, Samantha Barreda, Frank Martinez, Carlos Paez, Waldo Rivera, Jennifer Ruano, Luigi Torreaiba
2D Art Lead: Valentina Alonso Gazabon
Artists: Samantha Barreda, Frank Martinez, Luigi Torreaiba, Christian Visso
Story/Writing Lead: Lewis Lezama
Writers: Olli Faagau
Animation Lead:  Valentina Alonso Gazabon
Animators: Samantha Barreda,  Frank Martinez, Carlos Paez,  Jennifer Ruano, Torreaiba, Christian Visso
Music Supervisor: Dr.Susan Epstein Garcia
Composer: Alexander Ruiseco
Lead Sound Designer: Julian Alvarez
Faculty & Staff: Dr Mel Tomeo, Ieon Skepple, Nicole Garay, Cristopher Argueta

MAGIC Department Chairperson: Mauricio Ferrazza

With special thanks to our mentor Leah Hoyer!

This project was made in Unreal Engine.

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Could use some snails, but overall a healthy game.