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Bay of Pigs presented by MAGIC

This is an educational game that depicts some of the incidents revolving around the Bay of Pigs invasion. The game is inspired by the Brigade 2506 experiences as well as events that took place during the attack. Through the game, players will learn about certain events that happened before and during the invasion that led to the attack's demise.


  • 2 playable missions!
  • 2 playable minigames!
  • Multiple educational cutscenes!
  • Loads of information about the Bay of Pigs! 


  • English
  • Spanish (Español)


Miami Animation and Gaming International Complex (MAGIC) - Class of 2023

  • Producer: Erick Sanchez
  • Programming Lead: Joshua A. Alvarenga
  • Programming Team: Diego Castillo, Miguel Alvarado, Zachary Diston
  • Level Design Lead: Abdel Suarez
  • Level Design Team: Henry Porto
  • Art Lead: Sara Rodriguez
  • 3D Modeling Lead: Yordano Rodriguez
  • 3D Modeling Team: Davontay Dirosier, Jose A. Ramirez, Hubert Vasquez Jr, Jessica Escandell, Veronica Sabando, Diana Chzao
  • Writing Lead: Priscilla Nieto
  • Writing Team: Jose A. Ramirez
  • Animation Lead: Jose A. Ramirez
  • Animation Team: Tolga Isik, Jessica Escandell, Michael Aponte, Veronica Sabando, Diana Chzao
  • Music Composer: Julian Alvarez, Brian Awad, New World - School of Arts (NWSA)
  • Sound Design / Mixer: Julian Alvarez
  • Music Supervisor: Dr. Susan Epstein Garcia
  • Faculty: Dr. Mel Tomeo, Ms. Sandra Andrade
  • Magic Dept. Chair: Mauricio Ferrazza

Special Thanks to the Brigade 2506 Museum & Library!

This Capstone project is powered by Unity!


bay-of-pigs-win.zip 1 GB
Version 1 Apr 26, 2023

Install instructions

Download the game and then unzip the file. Double click the "Bay of Pigs" .exe (executable) file to play!

Development log


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Cool, 9/10 only because clickbait: there are actually no pigs. Would rate 10/10 if pigs were present.